There are various factors that affect shipping time. With the pandemic, logistics have been affected across the board, from having enough employees to be truck drivers, warehouse workers to sort shipments, shipping material, and more.

We plan as best we can to set the right expectations for shipping. As you may know, we are a small business, so small it’s just been Eric, the creator of Sabobatage hand packing every single order since launch (with the help of a few friends). With the influx of thousands of orders, we’ve been working on transitioning to have professional help, but are set with a lot of limitations.

Shipping Times will vary. Orders are expected but not guaranteed to be packed by 2PM PST as the cut off time. Any order after 2PM is set for the next day. All orders are expected to be shipped within 24 hours. With those expectations however, when USPS, UPS, or Fedex come to pick up, they may not have enough room on their truck. This then causes delays for us to call and schedule a personal pick up, to which sometimes they are backed up and unable to arrive same day.

As there is an increase in package theft, be sure to use your SMS tracking to see the progress of your shipment. Messages asking or rushing us to fulfill your order or inquiring will increase the chances of delaying your shipment as we have to pull your order by searching for it, hand searching it through hundreds of labels if it’s already printed, and finding the time to tend to it if so. It’s a lot easier for you to let us process through our standard operating procedures to get your order out as efficiently as possible.

Our team is not large enough to respond to all inquiries and customer support messages as it’s still just me managing most of the e-mails. I try to respond as promptly as possible and some messages may even slip through the cracks.

International shipments - mainly to Canada follow a certain process. I have to drive to a facility one hour away to drop it off. It is USPS’s international hub where they process and coordinate to have packages get on a plane to their international destinations.

I make these drop offs 1-2 times a week. It then takes 1-3 days for them to process those packages, then about 7 days to arrive. +/- 5 depending on end destination. Please expect 10-14 days for international orders even though we’ve seen them arrive much sooner.