The Boba Card Game

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2nd Edition Includes:

  • 110 Playing Cards
  • 2 Quickplay Menu Cards
  • 1 Instruction Manual

Easy to learn                                        8/10 

Strategy Level                                      4/10 

This Bubble Tea Board Game is Perfect for Family and Adult Game Nights


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    Sabobatage Expansion Pack: Legends of Matcha (LoM) allows up to 7 players. We introduce a completely new game mechanic that introduces a more complex strategy into the game. New ingredient cards, flavors, and action cards were carefully curated to help keep the speed of the game and maintain a healthy balance for 2-7 players! 

    This limited edition expansion pack comes with 2 Foil Stamped Designs. Never to be re-produced! 
    We are now SOLD OUT of all 3000 Limited Edition Expansion Packs. Check out participating retail locations as some may have them in stock.  


    • 55 Cards (1st edition LoM comes with 2 foil-stamped exclusives)
    • 42 Punchcard Tokens
    • 2 Menu Cards¬†
    • 1 Instruction Manual
     Note: Sabobatage Base Game Required
    Compatible with 1st and 2nd Edition Sabobatage: The Boba Card Game
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