As you may know, we are a small business, so small it’s just been Eric, the creator of Sabobatage hand packing every single order from his garage. He also handles customer support and messages may get lost so feel free to follow up with us!

As usual with Holiday coming up Shipping Times will vary. Package delivery time by your courier will vary and take much longer. Package theft continues to increase. Please be patient as we deal with your order as we will do our best to get you your product in time for the holidays. We do encourage to make your order before Dec 1 to receive your order in time. Or shop local! We have a few retail locations across North America.

Normal shipping times are expected but not guaranteed to be packed by 2PM PST as the cut off time. Any order after 2PM is set for the next day. All orders are expected to be shipped within 24-48 hours. Eric hand delivers them to the courier locations.

Domestic shipments information
  • 1 game is most likely to be shipped by USPS
  • 2 games and more will most likely be shipped using UPS

Please take this into account when ordering products - if you experience package losses, theft, or other incidences - please use a friend or family address or business address to receive your package.

International Shipments

International shipments - mainly to Canada follow a certain process. I have to drive to a facility one hour away to drop it off. It is USPS’s international hub where they process and coordinate to have packages get on a plane to their international destinations.

I make these drop offs 1-2 times a week. It then takes 1-3 days for them to process those packages, then about 7 days to arrive at their office. They go through customs then take 1-5 days depending on the end destination. Please expect 10-14 days for international orders even though we’ve seen them arrive much sooner.

Other international shipments will vary based on your local post office once it arrives there due to longer processing times. 2-3 weeks. Netherland and other locations have seen long delivery times up to 2 months.

Please use [] to track your order instead of USPS's tracking tool.