UPDATE: SOLD OUT as of JAN 11, 2022

Approximately 1% of our units come damaged due to shipping factors out of our control. We do our best to quality control when hand packing each individual order. 
Some boxes are dented or a little bit smashed. Similar to imperfect produce where a tomato might have slight bruising, it doesn't make it to the shelf! 

We're releasing our damaged inventory for those who are not particular about the conditions of the outer box! The inside and games are all in good condition. Best for those who carry or travel a lot, backpacks, outdoor use, local libraries, hobby or boba shops that have constant use, or those who have kids who'll get things a bit dirty! 

The 2nd edition base games are discounted at 50% off the MSRP price. The best part is you can stack our discount codes and it's also free shipping. This effectively allows us to break even, not waste, and have more people enjoy the game at a discounted value. 

Canada Flat Rate Shipping - $12

Rest of World Shipping - Market Rate