Kassava Co. + Omni Bev + Sabobatage have partnered together to bring you the world's very first Vietnamese Coffee Boba Party Package.

  • Omni Bev features 100% single-origin coffee grown in the famed highlands region of Da Lat, Vietnam and provides packaged ground coffee that puts money back in the hands of Vietnamese farmers. 
  • Kassava Co. provides premium Boba Tea Kits that are made up of the finest ingredients to create simple, easy, and fun experiences in making the most delicious boba tea drinks at your convenience.
  • Sabobatage Boba Card Game is a fast-paced card game where players are pitted against each other to strategically make 5 complete drink sets and be the first to win, but with challenges like mischievous action cards that help you steal or best yet, sabotage the other players from winning.
  • This is a pre-order and anticipated to ship out in July. While supplies last.
  • FREE Shipping Included. USA Purchase Only.